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Memory Care Community vs. In-Home Care for Dementia

senior talking with a healthcare worker outside a memory care community

When a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, it’s natural to have concerns and questions about meeting their care needs. How much support is necessary? Who can help? And what happens as their dementia symptoms progress?  As you cast about for answers, you’ll find two basic options for dementia care: memory care community and in-home care for dementia. Our guide can help you understand the advantages of each option, and how to make the best choice for your loved one.

What Is a Memory Care Community?

Memory care communities are residential care options that specialize in supporting people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. They may be stand-alone facilities or part of a senior living community that offers multiple levels of care.

Memory care communities have features and services that aim to create a calming, safe environment where residents get the support they need to flourish, such as:

  • Comfortable, maintenance-free residences
  • 24/7 support and security
  • Help with activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, grooming and toileting
  • Staff members specially trained in dementia care
  • Nourishing, delicious meals
  • Dementia-specific programs that enrich residents’ daily lives
  • Safety measures, such as alarms on doors, to prevent wandering
  • Layout and design features that promote tranquility and reduce confusion
  • Camaraderie and social interaction with fellow residents and staff

What Is In-Home Dementia Care?

In-home care for dementia allows someone in the very early stages of dementia or other type of  memory loss  to get the support they need to safely live in their home or with family members. Scheduling is flexible, so you might book in-home care services for just a few hours a day to supplement the efforts of family caregivers. Or you might opt for 24-hour support. You can also choose what kind of assistance in-home care aides provide. Services may include:

  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Transportation
  • Help with activities of daily living
  • Companionship
  • Medication management

Choosing Between a Memory Care Community and In-Home Care for Dementia

Both dementia care options offer benefits that can improve your loved one’s quality of life and ease the burden on family caregivers. However, the later stages of dementia can demand a level of support that makes a memory care community the best option for many families. Memory care communities are designed to deal with every stage of dementia care. With in-home care, on the other hand, you’ll likely need to make adjustments and modifications as your loved one’s dementia symptoms progress. For example, you might have to address a need for:

  • Round-the-clock support, especially if your loved one tends to wander or is unsafe when left alone for even a few minutes
  • Home modifications, such as grab bars or a stair lift if your loved one’s mobility declines, or an alarm system and fencing to prevent wandering
  • Tracking devices in case of separation

Making the Best Decision for Your Loved One

Whichever option seems most appropriate for your loved one, you’ll want to choose the best possible memory care community or in-home care service. Asking a few key questions can help.

When visiting memory care communities, find out about:

  • Staff-to-resident ratio
  • Dementia-specific programming that’s offered
  • Dementia-care training staff members receive
  • Security measures
  • Amenities available to memory care residents
  • How communication between family members and staff is handled

To find the best in-home care services for your loved one, ask about:

  • Specific services offered
  • How to make changes in your loved one’s care plan as their needs increase
  • Aides’ training, background checks and licenses
  • How to address dissatisfaction with an aide’s work
  • What happens if the home care aide has to cancel

The Village at Gleannloch Farms: Our Memory Care Neighborhood and In-Home Care for Dementia

Whether you’re looking for memory care in a senior living community or professional in-home care for your loved one, you’ll find the support they need at The Village at Gleannloch Farms. In our memory care neighborhood, a person-centered approach, compassionate staff, and comfortable setting ensure residents are safe and engaged in the activities that bring them joy. Or, if your loved one is in the early stages of dementia, our in-home care services can be conveniently tailored to your loved one’s specific needs.

Contact us to learn more about our dementia care options.