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How to Maximize the Space in Your Senior Apartment

A happy senior couple paints a wall blue with rollers.

There are a lot of big benefits of downsizing to a maintenance-free senior living community like The Village at Gleannloch Farms. But if you haven’t decorated a new, smaller space in years or even decades, it can be a little intimidating. To help ensure you get the most out of your new residence, here are some tips to maximize your senior living space.

Senior Living Decorating Ideas

Let the sunshine in: Natural light is critical for your overall wellness and mood. Exposure to sunlight is also a great way to keep your body clock on a healthy sleep schedule. Remember to open your blinds regularly and keep the area around your windows clear to allow in as much light as possible. Bringing sunlight into a smaller space can also make a room feel larger.

Add a dash of color: Add color with pillows, furniture, or rugs in warm colors to create a cozy feeling. Experiment with what color can do for you by playing with shades and neutral, earthy tones to make rooms feel more grounded.

Lighten up: After dark, you’ll want to make sure your living space has adequate light. Rather than having just one central light in each room, add floor and table lamps so you have various light sources. If your blinds are a dark color, replace them with a lighter color to draw in natural light. Painting an entire room in one light color will also help brighten it up.

Install mirrors: To brighten up your space, consider placing mirrors in spots where they’ll reflect natural or artificial light. Adding a mirror across from a window can also help the room feel larger and appear more open.

Create living areas: In the living room, you can have the main seating area where you can entertain friends and family members. You can also add a smaller reading area in one corner with a plant with a small side table and a comfortable chair.

Get ahead of the curve: Use your furniture to add some curves to your rooms. Consider using a round dining table or a sofa and chair set with a round coffee table. You’ll find that round shapes trick the eye and make smaller spaces feel that much bigger.

Rightsize your furniture: Smaller spaces call for smaller pieces of furniture. Choosing a smaller piece of furniture might mean it can fit in a corner and free up floor space. This will also make your apartment feel more open and inviting.

Choose multipurpose furniture: To maximize your senior living space, consider furniture pieces that will do double-duty, such as a hollow ottoman that can be used for storage, a platform bed that has storage drawers underneath, or a headboard with shelves. You can also get a dining table with a built-in leaf that will make it much easier to entertain guests.

Go up: Wherever you have wall space, use it. Consider mounting your TV on the wall or installing floating bookshelves to help declutter. Moving items off surfaces and onto walls can work wonders too.

Hold everything: Senior living floor plans typically don’t offer a lot of storage. Tall, narrow storage systems are your best bet when trying to get the most storage out of the least amount of space. Adding decorative baskets, hooks, and shelves can increase your storage space. Back-of-the-door shoe hangers with pockets can be used to hold anything from cleaning products to extra snacks.

Declutter often: It’s only natural to accumulate clutter after living in the same place for a while. Once or twice a year, make an effort to go through your possessions and reevaluate what should be kept. You’ll be surprised how many items you no longer use, and how much larger your home looks once you’ve gotten rid of them.

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