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Can Senior Living Make You Feel Young?

Two senior women enjoying tea together outside

The outdated notion of retirement communities serving only people who are infirm  is out the window. If you’re wondering when to move into senior living, the answer is while you’re still young enough and healthy enough to get the most out of the vibrant lifestyle and convenient services.

Great retirement communities present the chance to live your own life and follow your own passions while still being surrounded by a community of friends and professional resources, such as fitness instructors, art teachers and chefs. Communities also provide a maintenance-free lifestyle, with housekeeping, groundskeeping and repair services provided. This means you can simply lock your door, head out on a vacation, and know everything will be taken care of on the home front. Also, all the services and amenities included can mean independent senior living costs are comparable to, if not less than, the cost of remaining in your private house.

Many residents who move early find greater opportunities to travel, meet new friends and try new hobbies. They also discover the undeniable senior health benefits of a holistic lifestyle.

A Richer Social Life

Strong and diverse social support has been proven to help fight depression and avoid harmful levels of stress. Social connection has even been linked to greater cognitive function as we age and a lower risk of developing dementia.

Within a community, you won’t only find new neighbors, but also new clubs and committees to join, new volunteer opportunities and new hobbies. As you find people who share your interests and passions, you’ll have the chance to forge strong and lasting friendships.

Convenient Health and Wellness Opportunities

When the fitness room is just down the hall and your favorite class is starting in five minutes, it’s easy to form healthy habits. Maybe you prefer to be out in the open air, so you join the community walking group — nothing makes exercise more fun than an engaging conversation with a friend.

And there’s no better place to find workouts specially tailored for senior health needs. If you have sensitive knees, you’ll have easy access to a heated pool for a low-impact workout. Chair yoga can help you increase flexibility.

Staying physically active can help strengthen bones, lower risk of heart disease, increase balance and support better sleep. With an array of fun activities at your fingertips, you can embrace a fitness routine that works for you.

Chef-prepared meals let you eat well every night. And fresh, healthy ingredients help you keep your body stronger. But if you love cooking for yourself, almost all the independent living floor plans come with a kitchen, so you won’t have to sacrifice a thing.

More Learning and Discovery

Fostering curiosity and pursuing new information can help our brains stay sharper. Continued learning and education has been linked to slower cognitive decline, improved  memory, and creating a greater sense of fulfillment. Within a community, you’ll have access to interesting guest speakers, classes and cultural outings. You’ll also find yourself surrounded by fascinating neighbors, each with their own expertise, and ample opportunities to chat, share or even debate — if you like.

Fewer Worries in the Future

When you choose to move to a Life Care community, you get to enjoy all the lifestyle benefits now and know that, if your health needs change down the road, you’ll have priority access to higher levels of health care, and your monthly expenses will remain predictable.

With a Life Care contract, independent senior living costs become an incredible value when you consider how much you’ll save on future health care expenses.

To qualify for this type of contract, you need to move in when you’re healthy enough for independent living. Once you’re a member of this community, you won’t have to stress about what you would do in an emergency, because you’ll already have a smart plan in place. This community lifestyle is designed to keep you independent for as long as possible, but you’ll have expert support if your needs change.

As you consider when to move into senior living, consider the type of days you want to have. Are you ready to forgo yardwork and home maintenance in favor of “lock-and-leave” travel, new friends, holistic wellness and mind-expanding opportunities?

If your answer is yes, and you’re interested in independent senior living in the Houston area, contact a team member at The Village at Gleannloch Farms. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.